Kismet Bellydancers

Student Show at the Zodiac

The dancing was fantastic, and a special note of thanks to Gerson Kuhr, the Fitness Pharaoh, for a great job as EmCee! Unfortunately, the photos are very fuzzy, but they convey an idea of the spirit of the dance. Think of them as clverly wrought expressionist paintings!

The dancer in the blue sparkly top is Maya, while Lydia performs a Korean Fan Dance. Solos were also performed by Mandii in turquoise, Almaz with red sleeves, Dahlia with the colorful veil and Shula, peeking through her hands. Unfortunately, we do not yet have single photos of our other great soloists, Shalaya, Desert Rose, Samia and Aleta (who is also our sound technician).

bellydancer Maya

Korean dancer bellydancer Mandiibellydancer Almazbellydancer Dahliabellydancer Shula


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