Shiver me Shimmies!

The Kismet Dancers were invited to participate in a Hafla sponsored by Sahara's Treasure.

Here are pictures of Beautiful Dancers performing at this great event!

bellydancer Kira bellydancer Dahlia

Kira shimmied to a drum solo, and Dahlia is shown with her veil

Bellydancer Sasmita Bellydancer Ananke

Sasmita danced bhangra-fusion; Ananke is shown during her traditional cabaret solo

Henna Rose Bellydance troupe Aliya in Rockville

Troupe Henna Rose performing American Tribal Style, followed by Aliya dancing to Ana Wel Leil

Bellydancer Basane Bellydancer Amara

Basane did an interpretation to modern music, and Amara danced a lively Karsilama

Sestraluna Tribal Style Sestraluna member with wings

Troupe Sestraluna performed American Tribal Style, and used Wings

Sestraluna Dancers Bellydancer Basmah

More Sestraluna dancers and Basmah's "Barry-Belly Fusion" (to Barry Manilow)

Bellydancer Lara Bellydancer Munniver

Lara performed a modern dance interpretation and Munniver played zills

Bellydancers Misty and Chandra Bellydancer Eva Nadira

Eva Nadira did a veil routine and Misty and Chandra did a duet

Bellydance Troupe Saharas Treasure 1 Shara's Treasure 2

Sahara's Treasure dancers with canes

Kismet Dancers dancing Habibi Oo Bess

The Kismet Dancers were happy performing an Arabic dance to Habibi Oo Bess