Gerson Kuhr
Fitness Pharaoh

Oriental dance is a wonderful fitness regime in itself, but many dancers add body building exercises for further toning, strength and endurance.

In the Washington area, there is a well-known personal trainer who specializes in specific exercise regimes for Bellydancers. Gerson Kuhr is an expert who has helped shape local performers for proper dance posture and guided them in attaining the healthy, strong and feminine bodies that move so gracefully on stage.

The Fitness Pharaoh will be visiting our classes, probably the week after our Fall session ends. His workout is free to anyone - you do not have to be my student to attend.

An exercise DVD by the Fitness Pharaoh is now available, with the core workouts that have helped many of our local bellydancers. I have seen the final verson, and I'm so impressed by the quality. Instead of the usual models, the Fitness Pharaoh chose three dancers to demonstrate the exercises, comprising three different age groups and three different body types. It really brings home the point that we are all Beautiful Dancers! The DVD includes stretches, breakdowns of the movements, and a special dance performance at the end by the three bellydancers who demonstrated the exercises - including Nimeera, Amustela and me - Aliya! We are in the photo in our Pharoah workout togs. The cost of the DVD has been set at $24.95, and will be sold on the Fitness Pharaoh's website. The Fitness Pharaoh is working to have a PayPal account up by next week, or you can order by emailing Gerson at or phone him directly at 703-550-2464. (I will also have a limited number of DVDs for sale in my studio by next week, also, or buy the DVD at Rakkasah!)

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