Classes with Aliya

One of my favorite experiences is actively sharing Oriental Dance with others. Students who have taken lessons with me know the emphasis is on fun, positive support and performance. Even if you only wish to perform for yourself in front of a mirror in your bedroom, I am determined you will be pleased with your fabulous show! I will, of course, push you a bit to perform for charities and worthy causes. For beginners, there are plenty of group routines where the shy can hide behind the more adventurous, and I provide a lot of help in borrowing modest tops and long skirts for the costume-challenged.

More advanced and looking for ideas? Check out the Choreography link for a great Sha'bi routine!

Ongoing Classes

Update, 2013:

For information about ongoing classes, please contact Shalaya (

Shalaya will be continuing the classes that Aliya gave in her spirit and memory.

Aliya formerly gave classes in her home studio and Shalaya continues this tradition with beginner and intermediate classes at Aliya's studio.


Web Site: AKD Performance.


bellydance students
Student Show at MemSahib

Katayoun guest teacher
Guest Teacher Katayoun

bellydance students talking
Students Backstage at Rakkasah

Shalaya, the new bellydance instructor!