Sha'bi Choreography

This choreography is one of my most popular. Click here to see Mirage Dancers of Indiana performing it on Youtube.

Taqsim beginning: Use this time to assemble or alternately snake arms until singing starts, then head toss or shoulder hits with the beat.

Set 1.

Hip lock upside-down U (front to back) left twice, shifting on the last hit to hip lock upside-down right twice, shifting into a half turn clockwise on the last hip to face the back while continuing the upside-down U with the left hip again, twice. Then continue the half turn to face the front while doing a hip circle, going into a ribcage circle and ending with a chest hit down.

Repeat the previous sequence two more times.

After the last chest hit down, four little hip hits farther and farther to the left (with wide legs!), then four little hip hits to the right. Then two little hits to the left again, two to the right, and then one hard hip hit left, right, left, right.

Walk forward with hip slide right, left, right, left, right, left. Quick half turn counterclockwise to slink back to where you started in a modified Mayan walk.

Once back, half turn counterclockwise into a hip square, starting from the right front to left front, to left back, to right back, to right front, the starting position. This completes one hip square in four counts, locking at the corners.

Now, shift direction for two counts, going from the right front starting position to the right back, then to the left back.

Switch direction again for two counts, from left back to right back to the right front starting position, and then four counts all the way around from the right front to right back, to left back, to left front to right front.

After completion of the last hip square, face a slight diagonal right into a Mayan followed immediately by rolling the pelvis from back to up and over forward, continuing to roll down in front and ending with a lock.

Step to the right, half-turn clockwise, look over right shoulder and hit the right hip down twice. Stay in position but shift weight and hit the left hip twice while swinging the head to look over the left shoulder. Slight twist to look over right shoulder again, then left shoulder, then turn counterclockwise to face the audience again, with a slight pause while dropping both heels down.

Complete the set by a shoulder shimmy while stepping forward with the right foot, back with the left, step backwards with the right foot, and finish by forward with the left and ending in place.

Set 2.

Repeat all of Set 1, but do the first U sequence twice instead of three times.

At the end of the set, chest V-strut to the right (small rib cage hits right left right while small steps walking forwards, left right left while walking backwards). Repeat V-strut sequence to the left.

Set 3.

Repeat all of Set 1, but do the first U sequence once.

At the end of the set, grapevine into a circle facing each other five measures, turn while continuing grapevine while facing the audience. Music slows: Mayan step until the fast music, then shoulder shimmy offstage to rounds of applause.

The Mirage Dancers perform sha'bi
The Mirage Dancers perform Sha'bi

Kismet bellydance students perform sha'bi
Kismet Sha'bi at a nursing home

Kismet Sha'bi at Tabouli
Kismet Sha'bi at Tabouli

Kismet at another nursing home
Kismet at another nursing home

Kismet Sha'bi at MemSahib
Kismet Sha'bi at MemSahib

Kismet Sha'bi at a Street Fest
Kismet Sha'bi at a Street Fest