Important Update:

Aliya (Janet Quinn) passed away suddenly on July 19, 2008. This website is maintained in her memory.

The Kismet dancers will carry on Aliya�s tradition. They are now led by Shalaya (Colleen Hood) and will hereafter be known as "Aliya�s Kismet Dancers". Information on Aliya's classes, now taught by Shalaya, can be found on the classes page. Aliya�s daughter, Aleta, continues to dance. Janet�s husband George may be reached at

Aliya, we love you and miss you!

Visit the obituary page to learn more about Aliya and her sad passing.


"Bellydance" or raqs sharqi, as it is more properly called, is a beautiful ancient art form involving controlled body isolations to Middle Eastern music. Rooted in antiquity, this dance has evolved to encompass many styles reflecting a variety of different cultures. Turkish/Romany dances are generally very strong and performed to odd rythms, while Egyptian dance is often characterized by sweet, more subtle movements and even rhythms. Young people from many Middle Eastern cultures have evolved their own "pop" versions of their dance.

In much of the world today, raqs sharqi is performed in nightclubs and restaurants in a cabaret style for entertainment. Many professional bellydancers can perform using a variety of ethnic styles, ideally incorporating their own unique personalities within their shows.

This is a dance I love to share - the sensuous and vibrant movements, the music, the history, and of course, the glittering pageantry of the cabaret costumes. Please use the available links to explore more about this dance, coming events, join a class or see a performance!


Bellydancer Aliya in Teal Costume